Be in love

Be in love and shake the world, do not get shaken. 

Love shakes not just the world, but the universe.


You should do away with an intellect that discriminates or divides on the basis of multitude and diversity; 
and instead understand that everything in Creation is actually made of One thing only.

Creator of the Creation

When you realize that the Creator of the Creation resides within oneself, then a great peace and sense of contentment dawns inside. Take refuge in that deep sense of peacefulness.


To take any decision, what is important is to have confidence in ourselves. 
Fear and uncertainty can lead us in a direction that we may not like, or which may not be palatable to us. 
It is that confidence in ourselves and in our goodness that will give us the ability to take risks.

Being Calm Under Pressure

If you are not shaken even when people are hurling abuses at you, that is when your real quality shines up


When the intellect is strong it overcomes the impact on the mind. When the intellect is weak, then the emotions overtake the mind.


When your meditation matures 
it transforms into a state where a depth of silence 
and peace continues to exist even in activity. 
It is not a practice, 
it is a by-product.


Just be natural and accept people. 
Love is always about giving. 
Know that you have come here (on the planet) 
to only give love and 
not demand love from anybody.

Heart & Mind

Whenever you do anything, 

just do it 100% and be totally immersed 

in it with all your heart and mind


Desire is always in search of happiness or knowledge. 
When one’s desire is directed towards a person, or an object, or some desired situation, 
then the moment you get something better, 
your desire will start running in that direction 
(meaning that desires are always for more happiness and without an end).


Life is all about perceptions – 

how we should see things, 

where we should drop our judgments, 

and where we should have discrimination


When life is so short, what is the use of cribbing and complaining about this and that; 
or getting angry about trivial issues and disturbing the peace of others around you? 
This is how an ignorant person lives his life.

A Good Leader

A good leader walks the talk, 
takes responsibility 
inspires people around to also walk the talk
 take responsibility.

Commitment in Life

People who follow pleasure alone get ruined, 
but people who follow commitment in life, 
those who do service towards others, 
will surely shine out.

Listen to your Heart

We must listen to our heart! 

If we listen to our heart, 

we will find success in every action of ours


You are special. 

You are here to do some important work on this planet, 

and so do it, and move on

Win your Mind

You can win over the hearts of people 

when you win over your own mind.


Yoga is the cure for depression, not Prozac. 

You can pop in Prozac 

and it can give you a momentary relief. 

But it stops working in the long run


Education is not just collecting information, 
it is learning to know who you are, 
and what is your capacity
It is learning to know the 7 different layers of 
your existence, i.e., 
the body, breath, mind, intellect, memory, ego, and Self. 

Thorn of Desire

Your sadness is because of the thorn of desire in your heart. 

If you don`t take notice of it, 

it will turn into sarcasm, cynicism, frustration, and anger.


Life is a struggle when you have no knowledge. 

With knowledge, the same life 

which you considered as a struggle 

turns out into a sport.


It is the brain that has created the conflict, 
and I tell you, it can resolve it too.

Being an Inspiration

You have inspired many people in your life, 
perhaps by a thought, a word, or an action. 
You are already living as someone’s inspiration, 
even if you don’t know it.

Total Acceptance

Small things upset you from time to time and your mind gets caught up. 

Just drop all these and recognize that everything is part of a divine process.

Accept whatever is inside and outside of you. 

This is the way to go inward. So just let things be.

Two Choices

Either you take it as a burden and a drag and make your 

whole life a long drawn misery, 


You take it with enthusiasm, thinking, 'I have all these 

responsibilities and challenges, and I can do it'. 

And move on with celebration.

The Truth

The spirit in you longs for the truth and that resonates wherever there is truth

Accept it without any feeling or any guilt.


Each one of us is like a flute. 

When we get rid of all negativity and become hollow 

and empty from within, 

then a divine harmony starts to play and resonate 

from our being

Then the entire space and environment around us

 becomes melodious. 

All the rhythms and sounds of our life come together in 

blissful harmony.

A Thought

A thought is nothing but an impulse 

of energy and intelligence.


Time moves everything, but you can move time. 

That is the power of the Self.


Religion has three aspects:-

Rituals and practices

An Atheist or a Believer

Whether a person is an Atheist or a Believer, 

as long as he remains steadfast 

and true to his word and action, 

he surely becomes successful in life.


There are three kinds of doubt:
1. When we doubt ourselves
2. When we doubt the people around us, and
3. When we doubt God

Being Joyful

There are three things that stops us from being joyful like a child.
 1. Prejudice
 2. Insecurity
 3. Stress


Let there be equanimity at every level because everyone is the same and everyone is a part of the divine
Let all our minds go together without any conflict or differences.

Success and Smile

An undying smile is a sign of success, a confidence that cannot be shaken is a sign of success