A Smile

Every kid smiles four hundred times a day. 

An adolescent smiles only seventeen times. 

An adult does not smile at all, 
 smiles once in a while. 

A smile should be our language.

That something which can unite all of us is 

A Smile.

The Karma Principle

Anything which you do to someone comes back to you. 

This is the Karma Principle.

The Environment

The environment around us is charged 
with a very powerful life force 
that is present in every particle and atom in space. 


A sincere student, whose mind is engaged 

in knowledge and studies all the time, 

will never run behind getting material comforts. 

All his focus would be directed towards gaining knowledge.


There is a leader within everyone. 

All that you have to do is simply awaken and 

enhance those abilities within yourself.


Enthusiasm itself is the medium 

that translates thought into action.


Prayer happens on two occasions....

One is, 

when you feel so grateful then prayer happens. 


when you feel utterly helpless, then also prayer happens


No One falls in loVe by choIce,

it's by chAnce.

AnD no one fAlls oUt of loVe by chancE, 

it's bY choIce...

Art of Living

To be able to keep the mind’s balance, 

whether pleasant or unpleasant situations.

Every day is a celebration!

Every day is a celebration! 

All that we need to know is 

that this world that we are in, 

all these things, are ultimately nothing! 

One day we will leave all this here only. 

Our body too will go back to this Earth. 

But you, the spirit will be alive. 

You will rise up because you are eternal.


Entire Rome city can be lit up if energy in one person’s body is used. 

That much energy we have, but we have never utilized or realized it.


 It is immaterial if you believe in god or not. 

What you need to know is who you are


Happiness is that 

which makes you so enthusiastic from within, 

that you are able to creates a very cordial atmosphere 

around yourself.


If you turn your attitude, and bring change 

in the heart and in the mind, 

you will see that life starts changing.


If we can identify what is happening inside the mind, 

then we have taken a very big step. 

Bringing the mind to the present moment is called 



Making others realize their mistakes without making

them feel guilty is also a skill. 

It is an art


The mind alone is the reason behind bondage 
and liberation. 

Whether we experience some bondage or attachment, 

or whether we feel free, the reason for this is the

 mind. So we have to train the mind again and again.


Dropping all that negativity, 

which you do not want to carry, 

which you cannot handle is called 'Surrender', 

in the spiritual sense.


The One Who has Faith,
Knowledge flows to him.
Brings the Knowledge.

Natural calamities

Natural calamities give us a warning that we are doing something to the environment which is not right. 
We are not paying attention to the environment.

Don't Worry

               Ask yourself this question:

      "Will this matter a year from now?"

Everything is nothing

Shake everything off yourself, just wake up and see – 
there is nothing

Everything is nothing, that’s it. 

This very realization is enough for wisdom to dawn within you.

The nothing that remains is what everything truly is. 

You need to remind yourself of this again and again, so that it gets instilled in your memory.

Corruption-free society

A corruption-free society cannot be achieved by laws alone. 
We need to expand our sense of belongingness with everyone around us

Essence of spirituality

Essence of spirituality is only three things....,

Purity in heart, 

Clarity in mind


Sincerity in action.

life as a leela

When you see all of life as a leela
then nothing in this world can shake you, 
or bring any sort of negativity. 
When you have this feeling, 
then nothing will ever be able to dim 
the light within you.

Honesty is a power

When you speak the truth, then a great power dawns within you. 
When you speak lies, 
then even the muscles of your body lose all their strength. 

Honesty is a power in itself. Truth is a power by itself.


It is knowledge that provides liberation. 
Liberate yourself right now while you are alive with knowledge.


Three kinds of faith are necessary in life.

The first is faith in yourself

The second is having faith in the fact there are good people in the societyand there is goodness around you. 

The third kind of faith is faith in the one Supreme power.


When the mind is clogged with too much ambition and too many desires, 

it will definitely give rise to depression.
The mind goes down because it loses all its energy in 

just thinking and thinking, and dreaming, and wishing for this and that.

True Wisdom

People of less wisdom see others' mistakes as big and their own as small. 
People of little more wisdom see their own mistakes as big and others' mistakes as small. 
People of all wisdom see the mistakes as neither theirs nor the others'. 
They see mistakes as a happening which nobody can control.
These are the three degrees, that is all.
Less wisdom: my mistake is nothing, others' mistake is big.
Little more wisdom: my mistake is very big, other’s mistake is small.
True wisdom: Mistake is neither mine, not others. It's a happening.


There is disharmony in life because of stress, restlessness, and feverishness from cravings and aversions in the mind. 
To get rid of these negativities, 
we all should listen to some music for a few minutes every day.


When you know that everything is nothing, 

LOVE dawns in you.


Weakness or fear is the root of violence. 
The fear of extinction or rejection causes violence. Stress causes violence
Stress is also a kind of weakness. 
Stress or tiredness and no strength is weakness and causes violence. 
Lack of awareness of one’s strength causes violence. 

Fear and Guilt

Fear and Guilt are two things 

which will never allow you to go deep into yourself.


Whatever gains you want in life, 

leave it to karma or fate, 

but liberation is in your hands and 

depends on your purushartha (efforts).

An Action

When an action is too pleasurable or too painful, 

it leaves a mark


God is there only to fulfill your needs.

With this deep faith, relax and repose in the Self.

Self- sufficiency

It is not necessary that the ego should increase with an increase in independence or with self- sufficiency. 

We should understand that in spite of being self sufficient, we are dependent on God.


Demand destroys relationships
Any demand on any one person will destroy that relationship. 

Be like water

Be like water - making its way through cracks. 
Do not be assertive, 
but adjust to the object and you shall find a way.