Total Acceptance

Small things upset you from time to time and your mind gets caught up. 

Just drop all these and recognize that everything is part of a divine process.

Accept whatever is inside and outside of you. 

This is the way to go inward. So just let things be.

Two Choices

Either you take it as a burden and a drag and make your 

whole life a long drawn misery, 


You take it with enthusiasm, thinking, 'I have all these 

responsibilities and challenges, and I can do it'. 

And move on with celebration.

The Truth

The spirit in you longs for the truth and that resonates wherever there is truth

Accept it without any feeling or any guilt.


Each one of us is like a flute. 

When we get rid of all negativity and become hollow 

and empty from within, 

then a divine harmony starts to play and resonate 

from our being

Then the entire space and environment around us

 becomes melodious. 

All the rhythms and sounds of our life come together in 

blissful harmony.

A Thought

A thought is nothing but an impulse 

of energy and intelligence.


Time moves everything, but you can move time. 

That is the power of the Self.


Religion has three aspects:-

Rituals and practices

An Atheist or a Believer

Whether a person is an Atheist or a Believer, 

as long as he remains steadfast 

and true to his word and action, 

he surely becomes successful in life.


There are three kinds of doubt:
1. When we doubt ourselves
2. When we doubt the people around us, and
3. When we doubt God

Being Joyful

There are three things that stops us from being joyful like a child.
 1. Prejudice
 2. Insecurity
 3. Stress


Let there be equanimity at every level because everyone is the same and everyone is a part of the divine
Let all our minds go together without any conflict or differences.

Success and Smile

An undying smile is a sign of success, a confidence that cannot be shaken is a sign of success

Good Health

A very pleasant and committed mind set 

is a sign of good health.


Anger that is born of 'I, Me, or Mine

is the one that causes pain and frustration.

But when you realize that someone is being foolish in his ways 

and then you get angry (to correct them), 

then such anger is actually beneficial.


Spending Time Gossiping about somebody
and talking ill about others is a sign of foolishness


You have to invoke the greatness in a person, and 
that happens through praising. 

Praising is a divine quality.


Marriage means sacrifice. 

Sacrificing your desires for the good of the other 

and for the sake of the whole family.

God’s Love

Believe that 'God is in me, and I in Him'. 

This single faith alone can take you to great heights.

God’s love is 1000 times more intense than the love of your parents towards you


How to get over fear

By remembering the oneness

then there is no fear.


Wisdom is a quality of consciousness. 
It can be developed through sadhana, or grace
not through information.
Wisdom can directly be instilled in two ways:

1. Through spiritual practices (sadhana). 

2. By putting your attention on it.


It is a privilege, 
a good fortune to have access to knowledge. 
life with knowledge, 
life in knowledge, 
and life for knowledge.

Complaining Mind

A complaining mind usually complains 

about things that happened in the past

Drop all this garbage of the past. 

Just smile and move forward. 

Your complaining 

does not help improve or resolve anything

Highest Knowledge

A bud has all that it needs to become a flower, 

it simply has to blossom. 

A few moments of quietness, 

a little bit of dispassion, and contentment; 

that's all, it is done!

That is the highest knowledge.

Stress and Happiness

Stress simply means too much to do, 

too little time and no energy

Either you increase your energy level 

or reduce your demands, 

then you’ll be happy.


Forgiveness happens as a result 
of being unable to hold on to the grudge, 
to bear the pain of hatred, 
and to sustain that anger.


Every time you face a criticism know 

that you are vast like the ocean, 

and you can take in anything.


Every individual is in search of happiness. 

Even people who are doing bad things, 

are doing it in search of happiness.

Our Nature

Our nature is to help. 

Our nature is to bring light. 

Our nature is to bring comfort to others, 

and make everyone feel happy.

Head, Heart, and Life

One has to nurture both 

The Head (the seat of logic, intellect and knowledge) 


The Heart (the centre of feelings and emotions). 

One has to combine them together to move ahead in life

This is how one can bring fullness to one's life.

The Divine Energy (Shakti)

The divine energy (shakti) inside alone can destroy all negative impulses

Life is a Gift

With its infinite possibilities,

this Life is a gift 

for it can become a fountain 

of joy & happiness

for oneself & for others as well.

Breath and Emotions

Breath is the biggest secret that nature has put in you. 

It is linked to your emotions

A Smile

Every kid smiles four hundred times a day. 

An adolescent smiles only seventeen times. 

An adult does not smile at all, 
 smiles once in a while. 

A smile should be our language.

That something which can unite all of us is 

A Smile.

The Karma Principle

Anything which you do to someone comes back to you. 

This is the Karma Principle.